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Morgan Berry Pet Bereavement Counsellor

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"Dear Morgan,
Three years ago I lost my pet rabbit Rambo to Myxomatosis after he came into contact with a wild rabbit. This was and still is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to endure. I have no family and only two close friends in other countries, and felt totally alone. Your methods of coping really lifted my spirits and off the back of coming to see you I met the man of my dreams after he was in the same boat as me. We are getting married next year and treating ourselves to laser eye surgery in honour of Rambo and Keith. We would like you to be guest of honour at our wedding. Will you come? Thank you for being you Morgan." Denise Hobbletoft, Gillingham.

“Morgan is a revelation. He took me from the depths of a bottomless pit right back to salvation. I never thought I’d find peace again after Mitzy died, but unlike Humpty Dumpty, he put me back together again.”
Kelly Osbourne, Bognor Regis

“Morgan Berry, Morgan Berry, there’s only one Morgan Berry! If Morgan was a singer he’d be Cliff Richard. Thank you so much for all your inspiration.  I attended one of your Freedom Healing sessions. I have been learning how to cope after Sugar Pie Lindon passed away 3 months ago thanks to your life changing techniques. I have learnt to forgive myself for the bad eating habits I got my rabbit into. I now know the correct foods a rabbit needs. I certainly won’t be feeding my new rabbit toffee!”
Jackie Cobalt, Shepton Mallet

“I just want to say thank you so much for your wonderful work, you boost our confidence and reassurance that there really is hope after death. I never thought the guilt of losing my Ganja would go away after leaving him in the garden to be eaten by a fox. I have forgiven all foxes and finally got rid of the gun. Great job Morgan. God bless you.” Bryan, Cumbria

"Morgan really does have the Midas touch. He came to our local town hall and I was expecting it to be a load of all guff but it turned out to be one of the most invigorating experiences of my life. I entered the room feeling like life had past me by but thanks to you Morgan you made me see that there is more to life than misery. In 2007 my life fell apart when my rabbit farm was torched to the ground by feckless youths. All my rabbits died, my land was scorched earth and the future looked bleak. I now look back on all the good times on the farm and no longer have nightmares of me burning in the fires of hell been whipped and bitten to death by the rabbits I failed to protect. Morgan allowed me to reshape my relationship with rabbits and gave me an opportunity to say goodbye and say that I was sorry. I highly recommend this man to anyone who had their rabbit farm destroyed by arsonists. I feel like gold!"
Roger Flame, Louth

Interesting Facts

Every Abba song ever written was secretly written about a rabbit.

Rabbits have long been recognised as symbols of fertility and rebirth, hence their association with Spring and Easter.