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Morgan Berry Pet Bereavement Counsellor

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Freedom Healing

What is Freedom Healing?

FH is a journey of self discovery. It’s like your most favourite place that you’ve never been before. Think of Narnia and double it! It’s mystical, it’s spiritual, it’s Freedom! Freedom is a state where mind and body collide to heal all your troubles and woes. If I may draw an analogy to a car wash. Please take a few moments to stop whatever you are doing. Take a big deep breath, in through your nose, out through your mouth, now please- ENTER YOUR MIND:

I want you to imagine you are a dirty, smelly, clapped out old car, a thick layer of mud covers the chassis, wheels caked in oily grime, wing mirrors hanging off, the engines jiggered, it’s in a right old state. The car has failed its MOT. You drive into a car wash and spend an hour getting the mud washed off with warm foamy suds, by the hand of a professional car washer, the car doesn’t just get cleaned, but rinsed and buffed with a high end shammy leather. Now, the rust and internal damage is still there, but this car washer also happens to know an awful lot about engines and general car maintenance, he notices the faults and soon goes to work chipping away at the rust, mending the wing mirrors and fixing the engine. You leave that car wash not only with a better, cleaner car, you leave a happier person as your faith in human nature has been restored. You pass your MOT! You were that car! That car washer is Morgan Berry! I can heal you!

How do you feel? Still got the blues?

Why not have a look at Morgan’s top tips on coping with Pet Loss.

Interesting Facts

Morgan keeps his eggs out the fridge.

Female rabbits can conceive a second litter of offspring while still pregnant with the first, resulting in them being
able to give birth seemingly
without having been impregnated.