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Morgan Berry Pet Bereavement Counsellor

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Dear Rabbit Losers,

Thanks for taking time to visit my website. You have already taken the brave first step in becoming a better and more fulfilled person.

The trauma of losing a beloved rabbit is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone but let’s face the facts, they are adorable doting pets and only live between 8-12 years.

You are in very safe hands and I promise to guide you to enlightenment and happiness. Can you actually do that for me Morgan? Yes I can!

Don’t take it from me. Just read the tens of hundreds of testimonials from all the fragile people I have helped over the last 6 years.

Knowing that my work has given guidance to so many people truly inspires me to continue everyday. Although I wish I could speak to you individually, it has become impossible because I have really bad signal where I live.

Don’t fret! You can pay to see me live at a venue near you for my first ever UK Bereavement Tour!

A ga o batle go bina? Masego ke ao! (Let’s Dance! Good Luck!)

I look forward to meeting with you in person very soon,

Morgan Berry

Bereavement Tour Dates

22/06/2015Downstairs at the KingsheadCrouch End
23/06/2015The Sherman TheatreCardiff
24/06/2015Town and Country ClubLouth, Lincolnshire
08/07/2015Cotswold Comedy ClubWitney, Oxfordhshire
11/07/2015Jongleurs DNA, 1 St.John's Hill, SW11 1TN

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